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Of All Days

Can the most embarrassing day of your life lead to the love of your life?


Corfu, Greece. 


It’s not a vacation for HR expert, Olivia Duncan. It’s a business trip. One that she has diligently planned for, because Olivia likes to keep things organized and perfect. Not even her frizzy hair gets away with not doing as she wants. 


But an embarrassing mishap at the company conference puts her in the path of Niko Teresi, a handsome, laid-back taverna owner who knows a thing or two about how constricting corporate life can be. 


Olivia doesn’t do change or spontaneity. She never deviates from her path.

Can Niko show her there’s life in letting go?


Take a heart-warming trip to a Greek island to discover if love can be found in unexpected places with the unlikeliest of people.

With relatable characters, steamy chemistry, and breathtaking locations, this sun-drenched contemporary romance novel will pull you into every heartfelt moment.

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Of All People

Can mending a derelict hotel help mend two lonely hearts?


Romeo Dante Lorenzo, owner of a set of cobalt blue eyes and a chiseled jawline, i’s one of New York's most eligible bachelors. Too bad he’s not looking for love.

Used to a different type of women—beautiful and vain—Romeo doesn’t think much of Siena Borrelli upon first meeting her while attending to family business in Italy.

After divorcing her cheating husband, Siena started a new life in Rimini, Italy, a coastal town as unique and warm as its occupants, caring for an elderly woman who owns the old hotel she now calls home.

When the woman’s great-nephew, Romeo, visits to sell the place, Siena won't let it go without a fight. His physique can be distracting, but she's determined to not let it deceive her.   


Can they both look beyond the surface?


Take a heart-warming trip to Rimini, Italy, to discover if love can be found in unexpected places with the unlikeliest of people.

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Of All Places

She’s read all about romance but never found love. Will taking a chance on a handsome stranger lead her to find the love she’s craved?


Melanie Allen needs a change. Longing to escape her uneventful life, the introverted librarian jets off to picturesque Montenegro for a one-week tour. With little confidence in herself, she encounters a stunningly handsome man and acts impulsively for the very first time.

Theo Martinovic is gorgeous, charismatic, and a town local. Everything Melanie is not. Still unsure how she managed to capture his attention and sensing he's holding back wounds of his own, Melanie knows she must defy her self-conscious ways if she doesn’t want to repeat the mistakes of her past.

With relatable characters, steamy chemistry, and breathtaking locations, this sun-drenched contemporary romance novel will pull you into every heartfelt moment.

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A Case Of Longing 

The one person she wants is completely off-limits...

Chicago detective Rose Harper prides herself on her professionalism while on  

duty—despite secretly being in love with her partner and best friend, Eithan Reed. Even though they’ve worked together for a decade, Rose has managed to hide her feelings for Eithan, terrified that he doesn’t return them. After all, he’s been married since they met, and she’s married to her job. And cops don’t date their partners.


But her desire won’t go away, and now Eithan is single.


To further test her resolve, they’ve landed their biggest case yet, and the addition of a beautiful FBI agent into the mix only makes things worse. Rose must navigate the complications of the case and her romantic competition to save not only the victims, but her partnership—and hope her heart survives the hardest trial she’s ever faced.

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You Didn't Love Me Then 

How Do you fall for someone you've always loved?

[Book 1 in the Riviera View series]

Growing up twenty-five yards from each other in a small beach town, Luke Delaney was Libby Latimer’s best friend. He was a haven in her tumultuous life. They were inseparable. Until she developed feelings that shattered the boundaries of their friendship.


Fifteen years later, Libby is a social worker who has strived to build herself a drama-free, heartache-less life. She’s content and intends to keep it that way. But when Luke lands back in town her heart and mind turn into a battlefield. She never forgot what kissing him felt like or how it ended. 


Air Marshal Luke Delaney thinks he has his life under control. After spending fifteen years literally up in the air, he returns to his hometown. A chance meeting with his former best friend rips the smooth veneer off his life, revealing essential parts of himself he thought he could live without.


Old feelings brew to the surface with each unavoidable encounter. New ones simmer. As their past and present collide, can they get a second chance, or is it years too late? 


Luke & Libby’s story is perfect for readers who love: childhood best friends to lovers, second chances, slow burn steam, a small-town setting, emotional romance with a bit of angst, a relatable heroine, and a swoony hero with wide shoulders to lean on.

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You Didn't Know Me Then 

Chemistry pulls them together. Falling in love might tear them apart.

[Book 2 in the Riviera View series]

Hope Hays, a divorced mother of two, has decided it’s finally time to test the waters in the dating world. Her first excruciating attempt at flirting combusts—the failed experiment even more humiliating as it is witnessed by a handsome stranger.

Political advisor Jordan Delaney swam with D.C. sharks until he bled. Now licking his wounds in his hometown, he is reluctantly intrigued by the quirky redhead chatting up a bartender with obscure chemistry facts.


In this small-town meetings are unavoidable and Jordan finds Hope’s awkward sincerity refreshing after the poker faces of politics. He falls for her the more he knows her, fearing she’d like him less if she knew him more. Hope falls for the man who makes her feel seen even though she’s certain someone like him would never want a single mother’s unglamorous life.


Their undeniable chemistry is an inflammable combination, but her scars and a secret from his past threaten to burn them both down.

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You Weren't Mine Then 

Once they had it all. Now they want it back.

[Book 3 in the Riviera View series]

Finn Brennen, swim team star, and Anne Drecher, the wallflower who tutored him. Their study time sparked an unlikely friendship that might have blossomed into something more had college and careers not separated them.


When life brought them back to their hometown, their friendship turned into a love so breathtakingly deep that they couldn’t imagine life without the other.


But their happiness was short-lived. Torn apart once more—this time by horrible timing, a twist of fate, and a woman Anne was raised to think of as a sister.


Their hearts devastated by a love neither could forget, for over a decade they are forced to hide their past. Anne built a life away from it all while Finn strove to give his son a stable home. But every family gathering brought them into the same room and served as a torturous reminder of what-ifs and could-have-beens.


Now Finn is divorced and ready to fight for what his heart wants and needs. Anne tries to resist but yearns for the love she thought she’d lost forever.


Is a second chance even possible when their love could tear a tightly-knit family apart?

both down.

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