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Of All Places

She’s read all about romance but never found love. Will taking a chance on a handsome stranger lead her to find the love she’s craved?


After a rough year, librarian Melanie Allen longs to escape a string of bad dates and boring days. So she jets off to picturesque Montenegro for a one-week tour, determined to prove there’s life at almost-forty. But when she encounters a stunningly handsome man, she acts impulsively for the very first time and decides to extend her stay.


Still unsure how she managed to capture the striking man’s attention, who she senses is holding back emotional wounds, deep down Melanie knows she must dare and transform her self-conscious ways if she doesn’t want to repeat the painful mistakes of her past.


Will Melanie overcome her doubts and forge a future with the man she hopes is her soulmate?

Of All Places is a charming standalone romantic women’s fiction novel. If you like relatable characters, sizzling chemistry, and breathtaking locations, then you’ll adore Lily Baines’s enthralling tale. 

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A Case Of Longing 

The one person she wants is completely off-limits to her...

Chicago detective Rose Harper prides herself on her professionalism while on  

duty—despite secretly being in love with her partner and best friend, Eithan Reed. Even though they’ve worked together for a decade, Rose has managed to hide her feelings for Eithan, terrified that he doesn’t return them. After all, he’s been married since they met, and she’s married to her job. And cops don’t date their partners.


But her desire won’t go away, and now Eithan is single.


To further test her resolve, they’ve landed their biggest case yet, and the addition of a beautiful FBI agent into the mix only makes things worse. Rose must navigate the complications of the case and her romantic competition to save not only the victims, but her partnership—and hope her heart survives the hardest trial she’s ever faced.

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